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TORFL Preparation

We help you prepare for the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language, This test is quite simple, but might be very confusing.

Russian Test TORFL Preparation

€29.5 per lesson
a convenient number of lessons per week


Learn the TORFL structure, work out the answers to test questions.
You will practice speaking, listening, reading and writing. Russian tutor, who will help you tutor will help you complete several TORFL variants during the lessons. 
Get a TORFL certificate after your hard work for a few weeks or a few months with professionals.
Train your Russian language step by step and get a certificate at the university or at the testing center. 


You need a good TORFL preparation? Contact us and start developing the skills required during TORFL.

Start: any date

Number of weeks: individual for every student



Kane Kennedy
Kane Kennedy

I can honestly say that Maria is the best teacher I have ever worked with. I began with little to no skill with Russian language and after 3 months, I was able to communicate and understand far beyond my expectations. Not only is Maria a fantastic teacher; but she is incredibly funny and nice. At times studying Russian can be frustrating and exhausting but Maria was always able to create a good vibe in the classroom, which created a more sustainable learning environment. Thank you so much, Maria - I look forward to learning again with you in the future!


Learn Russian in Saint Petersburg

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Our school is located in the very heart of St. Petersburg, one step from Nevsky Prospect, the main street of the city.