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Know more about accommodation in Saint Petersburg for participants of the Ruslingua Russian Language School's courses. Choose the most convenient place for you to stay: Host Family, Hotel, Hostel, or Apartment. Increase your efficiency in a group of like-minded people. 

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Host family

Host families will introduce you to Russian traditions and way of life, while helping you to practice your Russian daily.
Host Family knows, that you came to learn and improve your Russian, and therefore that it is important for you to communicate in Russian, no matter what your level is.

Breakfast + Dinner / Self- Catering

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All hotels we offer you located within 1-2 km walk from Ruslingua School and close to main tourist places.
Choose a mini hotel with cozy rooms and beautiful views of The Fontanka River or stay in a four- star hotel in the very center of Saint Petersburg.


Modern Apartment


Choose a convenient location in the city center, where almost every building is historical.


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Hostel is a good option for those who prefer casual communication. Besides, you can get into a cross- cultural environment here during peak season. We select the best hostels for you with love.

Meals are not included.

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Summer Russian Course

Study & Travel in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Are you looking for a Russian Summer Course?
Do you want to know about your travel destination and excursions in Russia?
Are you interested in Russian life style and culture? Ruslingua is what you need!
We provide you with a range of services: Visa Support, Transfer and Accommodation in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Excursions after classes and much more.

We provide Russian language training and we held interesting activities after classes. 
So, you will have the opportunity to improve your Russian language skills and spend a good time after lessons. 

Saint Petersburg is a beautiful city at any time of the year. If you are here, you should definitely see its sights.

This city is a must-visit destination for any traveler who is interested in history, culture and just beauty.

All tours are created with passion by guides of a high expertise. We can offer an individual tour or a group tour for you and your classmates.