Terms of use

1. Definitions

1.1 A ‘course’ means a continuous period of study on one course type.

1.2 The ‘minimum period’ means the minimum period of time permitted on a single course type. See section 12 for information about minimum course periods.

1.3 An ‘enrolment’ means your entire study period at the school and can consist of either a single course or a combination of courses, and any accommodation or services booked with us.

1.4 A ‘working day’ is Monday to Friday, excluding any day when the Ruslingua School office is closed. See section 13

1.5 A ‘group’ means a group of students, studying together. See section 8 for information about groups.

2. Making a booking

All fees must be paid in advance of the tuition.
Any bank charges are payable by the Student or Agent.


2.1 When you book a course, you must pay:

  • a non-refundable registration fee of 53.3 €

2.2 If you want to stay in accommodation, organized by the school, you must pay:

  • a non-refundable accommodation placement fee of 28.7 €

2.3 When you book, you have 5 working days to make your prepayment. We will not process your booking until you have paid. You must make payment of your course fees 20 working days before the course starts.

3. Tuition Fees and Payment conditions

Tuition fees for all Programs are displayed on Ruslingua School’ website https://www.ruslinguaschool.com/

The course fees given at the moment of applying Online or at the school’ office is guaranteed to remain unchanged.

4. Visas

4.1 You must check if you need a visa and apply in good time if you do. Please see section 3.3 for possible penalties if your visa is refused or you are late in receiving it.

4.2 If you need a visa, it must be valid for the entire period of your enrollment including any extension because of postponements of holidays.

4.3 If your application for a visa is refused, you must send us a copy of the visa refusal letter issued by the Russian Embassy/ Consulate. We must receive this at least 7 working days before your first course is due to start. If you do this, we will refund any fees that you have paid, less the registration fee, accommodation placement fee and any bank charges. If you do not do this, we will charge you our normal cancellation penalties for both course and accommodation – please, see section 7.

5. Your level of Russian

5.1 You must check the level of Russian you need for your course and make sure you have the required level. You can check your level here. Once you have booked a course you must complete your pre-course questionnaire.

5.2 When you arrive. If we think, that your level of Russian is unsuitable for the course you have booked, we may move you to a more suitable one. If we move you to a more expensive course, you will have to pay the difference. If we move you to a cheaper course, you will not receive any refund. If you decide to cancel your course, we will follow our cancellation terms (please, see section 7)

5.3 If your level is too low to join a group course, we may offer you a program of Individual Tuition at our current rates. Because this will be more expensive, you can choose either to pay extra and maintain the full length of your booking, or to pay the original fees and shorten your enrollment. Individual tuition must be booked in a minimum block of 15 hours per week.

6. Postponing

All postponement must be made in writing.

6.1 You may postpone your enrollment without a penalty by telling us 15 working days before the start of your first course. If you give us less than 15 working days’ notice you may postpone your course, but you must pay one week’s course fees. For accommodation terms, please, see section 11.

6.2 If you postpone because you are still waiting for your visa, the period of notice required is reduced to 7 working days. Please, see section 3.1.

6.3 You must start a postponed enrollment within 12 months of the postponement date. If you do not start your postponed enrollment within this period, you will lose all course fees paid. If a postponed course extends into the following year, you will have to pay for those weeks at the rates which apply in that year including any summer supplement. Postponed weeks must be taken in a single block.

6.4 You cannot postpone your course after it has started.

7. Cancelling

All cancellations must be made in writing.

7.1 Cancelling before your enrollment starts:

  • You may cancel your whole enrolment by giving 15 working days’ notice. We will refund all fees paid, except the registration fee, accommodation placement fee, insurance and any bank charges.

  • You may cancel your whole enrollment with less than 15 working days’ notice, but we will charge you for the minimum period (see section 12) for your first course. For accommodation terms, please see section 11.

  • If you cancel because you are still waiting for your visa the period of notice required is reduced to 7 working days. Please, see section 3.1.

7.2 Cancelling part of your enrolment after you have started:

  • You cannot shorten a course below the minimum course booking period (see section 12)

  • If you are taking more than one type of course, a future course is considered to be separate and you may cancel it with the same conditions as in section 6.1.

  • If you have already started a course, you may shorten it by giving 15 working days’ notice. You will also lose 30% of the fees for the remainder of the course after the notice period. For accommodation terms, please, see section 11.

If you give less than 15 working days’ notice, you will lose the fees for the notice period.

8. Group course

8.1 Students booked Group course and have no co-students in a group will be offered compensation in the form of Individual Tuition. The number of Individual lessons will be counted according to its price on the date of booking the Group courses. If a second student joins the Group, the number of lessons will be recalculated back according to the same rule.
8.2 In some cases students booked Group course and have no co-students in a group will be enrolled in the class of our partners’ school, located 2 steps from our place. You will find out the location of your class 2 weeks before arrival.

8.3 We reserve the right to assess your current level of Russian proficiency as well as your suitability to the Group. If we think, that your level of Russian is unsuitable for the course you have booked, we may move you to a more suitable one, please, see section 4.
The average number of students in a group is 2-3 people. The maximum number of students in a group is 5 people.

9. Educational process

We reserve the right to appoint and rotate teachers. The tuition time and date may be changed in advance by giving 1 day written notice to a student or by direct agreement between the teacher and the student.

If you arrive late on your lessons, we will not extend the lesson’ time due to late arrival.

One lesson lasts 45 minutes (1 academic hour)
The School reserves the right to change teachers, times, rooms and combine classes if necessary.

10. Skype Training

Training is only confirmed once payment has been made.

Training hours must be used within 6 months of the date of purchase.

You may postpone any of your lessons by informing your tutor in writing at least 24 hours before the start of the lesson.

Lessons booked for Monday must be postponed by midday Moscow time the Friday before.

11. Accommodation

11.1 In Saint Petersburg, host family stay starts from Saturday 14.00 p.m., before your course starts and finishes on Sunday 12.00 after your course ends. If you choose to arrive later or leave earlier, than we agreed with you, the accommodation fees will not be adjusted. If you want to arrive earlier or leave later, we will try to arrange this but we may have to offer you an alternative stay.

Minimum accommodation booking period is 7 nights.

11.2 All cancellation of the accommodation booking must be made in writing by giving 15 working days’ notice before arrival. We will refund all fees paid, except the registration fee, accommodation placement fee, insurance and any bank charges.

See section 6.1

11.3 You will be charged for your late cancellation of any type of accommodation. In case if you cancel accommodation less, than 14 calendar days, you will lose 20% of the paid fees.
In case if you cancel accommodation less, than 7 calendar days, you will lose 100% of the paid fees.

12. Minimum Course Period 

The student has the opportunity to take a Trial lesson before starting any course with Ruslingua School.

Standard Group Program - 1 week

Intensive Group Program - 1 week

Individual Tuition - 1 week

Russian Online Classes - 4 weeks

Standard Online Classes (Individual) - 4 weeks

Intensive Online Classes (Individual) - 4 weeks

Online Classes in a Group - 4 weeks

Business Russian (Individual Program) - 2 weeks

Business Russian (Corporate Training) - 2 weeks

Russian for Expatriates (Individual Program) - 4 weeks

Russian for Expatriates (Standard Group Program) - 4 weeks

Russian for Expatriates (Intensive Group Program) - 4 weeks

Russian Test TORFL Preparation (Individual) - 8 weeks

13. Public Holidays

If your Course includes any public holidays, we may reschedule missed lessons on different days. The new schedule is discussed by agreement of both parties.


Pravacy Policy

Privacy Statement

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Personal Information

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How do we collect information?

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How do we store, use, share and disclose our information?

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