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Visa Support

Make sure you have a visa and the required document for legally start learning Russian language in Saint Petersburg with accommodation. Ruslingua School helps you get an invitation for Russian visa.  You will receive Russian visa support letter and apply for a visa at the nearest Russian Consulate of country.  

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Step 1 
Complete an application form 

All foreign citizens (excluding some CIS countries) need a visa to Russia. In order to apply for a Russian visa, the following documents are required:
1. You have to complete the electronic visa application form on the specific website of the Consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

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Step 3 
Check your passport

  • Passport.  Your passport must be valid (at least 6 months before the visa expires), otherwise, you will not be able to get a visa.

  • Photo.  Provide one passport-size photo you took recently.

  • Health insurance.  Some Russian Consulates require health insurance certificate. You can check this at the Russian consulate of your country.


Step 2
Get an invitation letter 

Get an invitation for Touristic or Business visa. 
Please, note that due to the restrictions of Covid Business visa allows you to stay in Russia for a maximum of 3 months. 
Based on this, you need to choose the duration of Russian training in Saint Petersburg. 

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Step 4
Pay Visa Fee 

Visa fee depends on the number of entries (Single Entry-Double Entry-Multiple Entry) and of the visa processing time.  Russian consulates in your country may charge different fees, so please check this information with your nearest consulate of Russia. 

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Learn Russian

in Ruslingua School, Saint Petersburg

Our students learn Russian in a small Group of 3-5 students, attend Speaking Club, the best place for the Russian speaking practice, cultural events, thematic lessons, Russian film sessions, excursions and some more. 
​All Russian lessons in a Group as well as One-to-One start at 9.00 a.m. or 10.00 a.m., so that after 1.00 p.m. you can use your free time to walk around the city and visit places of attraction.
You can always choose the best way for you to learn Russian. 
We propose you Standard or Intensive Group Courses. 
Standard Program covers 20 academic hours per week and Intensive Program includes Extra Lessons to your Standard Program.
For some of you taking an Individual Tuition (lessons, adapted to a student’s pace and expectations) will be the best option. 

Our Russian language Teaching Approach is based on a combination of two methods. We use Traditional Method and Communicative Language Teaching Method both, highly focused on the second for a better and advanced learning. 
Russian classes in Ruslingua include pronunciation work, grammar drills and vocabulary input, speaking and reading practicing, tasks to acquire writing and listening skills.
Besides, Communicative Russian Teaching Method makes our classes learner-centered, helps emphasize communication and real-life situations.
For Ruslingua's Curriculum doesn’t matter your level of language proficiency, we will always strive for new heights.
Start where you are and improve your Russian day by day!
Get a Certificate at the end of the Russian course!