Russian culture of customs and superstitions

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

A special place in the life of Russian people is occupied by habits, which are

unique, and can’t be found in any other country in the world. They amaze and even

shock foreigners. Therefore, before visiting Russia, one should learn about the

customs here in order to avoid misunderstanding some of the actions of the


1. Russian people do not miss the chance to congratulate each other.

Russians say the phrase «С легким паром» [s legkim parom] and give

congratulations to each other every time after taking a shower or going to the

bathhouse. Such a phrase is difficult to translate into other languages. This tradition

dates back many centuries, when it served as a talisman to protect against the

wrath of a Domovoy - a creature from Slavic mythology that protects people and

their place of settlement.

russian bathhouse

2. Who stays at home when everyone leaves and why russians are afraid of

it’s resentment.

Another tradition, without which no journey of a Russian person is possible –

"Sitting on the lane». This means spending a few minutes in silence sitting down before a long journey. This superstition is also associated with the existence of the Domovoy, who does not like to be alone. Otherwise, the offended Domovoy can

hide or take the things of the owners of the house. Therefore, the homeowners

deceive the mythical creature, pretending that they will not leave their place of

residence for a long time.


3. Garbage disposal time may affect your financial situation.

Those Russians who are afraid of bringing ruin to their homes will never take out

the rubbish at night. This is another tradition that is widespread in Russia.

4. In which case an ordinary hug or kiss can cause breakup.

Russian people will never hug or kiss across the threshold. It is believed that this

action will entail a breakup or a quarrel.

5. American films is the main fear of a russian superstitious person.

When watching American films, many Russians are outraged when they see

characters sit on the table or put their feet up on it, because such actions are also

considered a bad omen. This action has many interpretations. One of them is

attracting poverty or death.

woman sitting on the table

6. Why you need to look in the mirror not only because of your beauty.

Another bad omen is returning home immediately after leaving it. If a thing is

forgotten, a Russian person will first assess the degree of its importance and, if

such a risk is justified, will return home for it. An important condition for avoiding

trouble is a mirror, in which you need to look when a person leaves the house


7. How to choose the right place at the table and get married successfully.

According to Russian people’s opinion, girls need to be especially attentive to their

place at the table. In Russia at the corners of the table sat the most low-class

guests - old maidens and poor relatives. Hence, a superstition appeared - if a girl is

sitting in a corner place, then she will not get married.

russian traditional wedding

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