About Us

Ruslingua Russian Language School, located in the center of St. Petersburg. Teaching since 2008.

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About Us

Our language Teaching Approach is based on a combination of Traditional and Communicative Language Teaching Methods. Take a Russian Course on a Flexible Schedule and Unique Curriculum.



Kane Kennedy
Kane Kennedy

I can honestly say that Maria is the best teacher I have ever worked with. I began with little to no skill with Russian language and after 3 months, I was able to communicate and understand far beyond my expectations. Not only is Maria a fantastic teacher; but she is incredibly funny and nice. At times studying Russian can be frustrating and exhausting but Maria was always able to create a good vibe in the classroom, which created a more sustainable learning environment. Thank you so much, Maria - I look forward to learning again with you in the future!

We do our best to make you happy with the result.

Why us


Our school is located in the very heart of St. Petersburg, one step from Nevsky Prospect, the main street of the city.